Saturday, 12 January 2013

Bill Harming Ugandan Economy

Deputy Secretary to the Treasury,
Keith Muhakanizi

Today, we're really impressed by Deputy Secretary to the Treasury, Keith Muhakanizi, who was quoted in The Observer as saying:

“I have never seen a country like this where politicians hurt the economy instead of building it.”

Uganda's 'kill the gays' bill is hurting the country's economy, claims a senior government minister... [who has] admitted the controversy over the proposed legislation is having a damaging effect on the country's coffers.

During a debate with other MPs, he slammed politicians for not recognizing the long-term potential damage the law could have on the country's economy.

It must have taken a lot to stand up and say this, but he's right. Uganda has lost diplomatic, educational and donor ties over the Bahati bill, not to mention the image it is creating of a tourist dead zone.

The damage caused to the economy by this bill will create a worsening situation for all of Uganda's citizens.

If you'd like to write to Keith Muhakanizi, to thank him for having the courage to raise this issue, and for talking such sense, you can e-mail him at:

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