Thursday, 6 February 2014

Lokodo Compiles Terror Lists

Simon Lokodo

Some disturbing news that Uganda's laughingly titled Ethicks and Integrity Minister is once again compiling lists of people suspected of being homosexual, ahead of a ruling on whether to assent the anti-gay law.

Those with a long memory will remember the “Homo Terror” lists of some years ago which appeared in a couple of Ugandan tabloids, causing consternation all over the world. 
Well, the lists are back, but this time in the hands of a few, very determined, anti-gay campaigners who have co-opted the police to hunt down the gays in Uganda... 
Even as the anti-gay bill is being ping-ponged around Uganda’s corridors of power, President Museveni’s own cabinet minister is already at work on his own personal crusade, in connivance with a pliable police. 
It seems safe to say that Museveni’s minister of Ethics and Integrity has already started executing his own, independent, response to his boss’ caustic rejection of the bill Parliament passed in late December 2013.

Wonder how long before terror lists turn into death lists?

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