Thursday, 27 February 2014

Facebook is a Huge Letdown

A while back we gave the thumbs-up to Facebook for its swift removal of an anti-gay hate crusader's profile page.

How that has changed.

Whereas we'd never expect them to cease operating in Uganda, as one article claimed, we would at least like to see a return to the day when threatening to burn gay people alive got you banned - quickly.

We recently highlighted two Facebook homophobes, Babughirana Augustine Snr. and Isabirye Richard, who were inciting violence against gay people.

Whereas Facebook eventually removed Isabirye Richard's profile it took days, and many, many complaints over his flood of horrific posts. Whilst Facebook refused to act, he was busy outing gay people and calling on others to hunt them down. Facebook's response was a mixture of 'yes, this violates our terms' and 'get over it and just ignore the guy.'

Either someone's Facebook page is a hate-filled stream of bile, or it isn't. His clearly was - what took so long to see that?

Good riddance to bad rubbish, but there's plenty more out there.

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