Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Call to Action

Kill the Gays Bill Orchestrator, Scott Lively

E-mail from the Centre for Constitutional Rights worth sharing:

Thank you for supporting the case against U.S. anti-gay extremist Scott Lively and for standing with Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) at this critical time. As you may have read, Uganda’s President Museveni signed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill (AHB) into law yesterday, endangering the lives of all LGBTI Ugandans and criminalizing the work of SMUG and other LGBTI advocacy groups. 
It’s urgent that you take action today. 
Scott Lively got what he’s been pushing for in Uganda for over a decade.LGBTI Ugandans’ Facebook posts, tweets, media interviews, gatherings, organizations, relationships and very existence are now illegal. LGBTI Ugandans can now be imprisoned for life for “aggravated homosexuality.” 
Here are two ways you can fight back today: 
1) Share with your friends via email, Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest and include the hashtags #stopscottlively and #AHB. Ask them to join you in supporting this campaign by making their own gift to Stop Scott Lively. 
2) Share this New York Times article ( via email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. The article highlights SMUG’s courageous response in the face of persecution and political repression. 
We must hold Scott Lively accountable for his actions and stop him from causing more harm. SMUG and CCR’s case against Scott Lively has the ability to stop him and other U.S. anti-gay extremists who are traveling around “weaponizing” religion to persecute LGBT people—from Arizona to Kansas, Russia to Nigeria. 
Thank you for standing with SMUG and CCR today! 
Jeremy Rye, Center for Constitutional Rights

Latest from Anonymouse LGBT Legion:

We warned Museveni long ago. He should've expected us. Oh yeah RedPepper... You had it coming too. #TANGODOWN STATEHOUSE.GO.UG PARLIAMENT.GO.UG REDPEPPER.CO.UG #OPKATO

Red Pepper appears to have a nasty case of DoS, it's been down all evening. 

What a shame.

Those interested in hactivism and ethical hacking can find introductions here, or simply start creating deviant art, blogging, and distributing memes.

We don't condone criminal activity, but neither do we condone criminals who act under the impunity of corrupt and immoral political legislation. When you actively persecute people because of their sexual orientation, the least you deserve is to be taken offline.

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