Thursday, 20 February 2014

Paul Semugoma - Stay of Deportation

Campaigner, Paul Semugoma

South Africa is a funny ol' country. It's had its fair share of homo-hate horror stories, such as the tragic murder of 15-year-old Raymond Buys at a gay 'rehabilitation' centre. Then it promoted one of its lead homophobes, Jon Qwelane, to Ambassador for Uganda.

Now: South Africa drops deportation case against Ugandan gay rights campaigner - Government officials tried to force Paul Semugoma on to flight to Uganda, say activists, despite court order allowing him to stay

A Ugandan gay rights activist has thwarted an attempt by the South African government to deport him amid fears he would be at risk of imprisonment or death if sent home. 
Officials dropped their case on Thursday against Paul Semugoma, a critic of Uganda's anti-homosexuality bill. But South African activists said it raised questions about their government's treatment of foreign nationals and silence about homophobia on the continent.

Yeah, just a bit.

Come on South Africa, grow a pair.

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