Saturday, 11 January 2014

Kadaga Accuses Bullies

Rebecca Kadaga

If our last post about Uganda leading the way in gay porn didn't have you laughing out loud, we doubt you'll be able to keep a straight (no pun intended) face about this one.

Rebecca Kedaga, one of the world's biggest bullies, is crying because she feels bullied!

Uganda’s speaker Rebecca Kadaga has told Western countries to back off and stop ‘bullying’ them on anti-gay laws.

The parliament speaker, who once promised to pass a ‘Kill The Gays’ bill as a Christmas present to Ugandans, has said their country can make its own decisions.

Wow. We can really see why she was promoted to Chairperson of Women Parliamentarians by the Commonwealth. She's a sparkling example of everything they stand for. She even missed out on last year's Pink Brick Award because Ugandan LGBTI activists were too afraid to let the nomination go ahead.

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