Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bernard Randall to be Deported

Final confirmation of what we all suspected. Uganda is deporting Bernard Randall, as they did David Cecil, rather than force him to stand trial. The BBC covering it with a title as dignified as a trash tabloid:

Judge Hellen Ajio ordered Mr Randall should be deported from Uganda within 12 hours, the AFP agency reported. 
Mr Randall, who first appeared in court in Uganda in November, would have faced a possible two-year prison sentence if found guilty. 
He was charged alongside his friend Albert Cheptoyek, 30, a Ugandan national with whom he shares a house. 
Mr Cheptoyek told the BBC's Catherine Byaruhanga that Mr Randal was being held in the court's cells awaiting his deportation. 
Mr Cheptoyek has denied a more serious charge of carrying out "acts of gross indecency", which could see him jailed for up to seven years if found guilty. 
Ms Byaruhanga said the charges against Mr Cheptoyek still stood as the trial against both men had not officially started.

Welcome home Bernard, we wish you all the best in recovering from your horrific ordeal.

We will continue to cover Mr Cheptoyek's case as news becomes available.

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