Saturday, 18 January 2014

Amsterdam Protests Bill, Canada Acts

Today a mass protest was held in Amsterdam, organised by Uganda Gay on Move, calling on the Ugandan government to drop the bill altogether.

The Ugandan Diaspora group, Uganda GAY on the Move, held a well attended “Drop The Bill Protest” in Amsterdam today, at the Homomonument Westerkerk, to send a message of solidarity home to Uganda’s LGBTI community and to implore upon Uganda’s Parliament to drop the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which was passed in December and it is believed has been returned to Uganda’s Parliament by President Museveni. 

Wielding signs, with Kuchu insignias on the Ugandan flag and rainbow flags, the group was joined by members of Amsterdam’s LGBT community and straight allies, in a show of love and solicitude.

Although America has been rather silent on this issue, their neighbours have been far more pro-active on similar issues:

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