Friday, 24 January 2014

Interview With Sam Ganafa

Sam Ganafa, Director of Spectrum Uganda and Chairman of SMUG 

On 15th November 2013, we reported on the arrest of Sam Ganafa.

Not a lot had been reported since then, but in this excellent coverage by American aid worker JP Conly, we learn that Sam was released a week later, pending trial. In this report, Conly meets with several LGBT activitsts and gets to the bottom of what really happened:

A diabetic, Sam said that while he was in jail he was not given any medical treatment for his condition. Authorities eventually allowed Sam’s friends to bring him the medicine he needed and food to sustain him. 
After his release, Sam said he could not return home. His neighbors were informed of his arrest and he was told that if he returned home his house would be burned to the ground. 
I was surprised to learn that Sam said he has no intention of leaving Uganda even if he was given the opportunity. His court date in January has been postponed until February, coincidentally after the Anti-Homosexuality Bill had passed parliament without a proper quorum. Sam’s current charge is “crimes against the order of nature.”

More news on Sam's case as and when it happens.

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