Thursday, 21 November 2013

School Children Accused of Being Gay

Continuing its push to show the world why Uganda is number one in education, the government has decided to roll out its policy of terrorising young children by accusing them of being gay.

Government is investigating four prominent secondary schools in Kampala and Wakiso districts over allegations that their students are involved in homosexual activities.

Rev. Father Simon Peter Lokodo, the State Minister for Ethics and Integrity says the schools being investigated are Gayaza High School, Makerere Secondary School, Kibuli High and Nalya Secondary School.

The Minister told Uganda Radio Network that a recent impromptu visit discovered that more than 30 percent of students in these schools are involved in lesbianism and homosexuality. The visit was by a team from the Ministry’s directorate in the Department of Ethics and Education.

This is the same Simon Lokodo who thinks that raping children is acceptable, so long as it's a boy raping a girl.

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