Saturday, 30 November 2013

Congratulations Kasha!

Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera

We reported a couple of months back that LGBT rights campaigner Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera had been chosen to receive the 2013 Nuremberg International Human Rights Award. Well, she's just been talking about it:

Kasha Nabagesera fears the day when she will return home, but promises to go back soon. “My friends are in jail. I also have to be very careful, because they arrest anyone whenever they want. It’s a big risk,” she said this week.

Two months have passed since she arrived in Nuremberg, Germany, to receive the prestigious International Human Rights award granted by the city. She has not yet returned to her home in Uganda. Meanwhile, she is conducting the struggle she has been leading in recent years − for the rights of the gay community in Africa − by remote control from Stockholm, Sweden, where she spoke to Haaretz via telephone...

Speaking from the dais when she received the prize, Nabagesera said that society must know how to repair its mistakes, “instead of being self-satisfied and pretend that everything is all right.” Despite the danger, she remains optimistic. “We’re making progress. I’m very optimistic, even if I may not get to enjoy the fruits of my struggle. Future generations will be able to benefit from the freedoms I’m fighting for,” she said.  

After the recent arrest of fellow campaigners Samuel K. Ganafa and Mleuben Maccarthy, it's hardly surprising she's staying put. 

Keep up the good work Kasha!

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