Monday, 4 November 2013

Human Rights Campaign Foundation Grants

The Human Righs Campaign Foundation (TM) is offering funding for international LGBT Rights campaigns:

In keeping with HRC’s mission to end discrimination against LGBT people, the grants will help fund efforts to educate Americans on the human rights of LGBT people around the world; provide fellowships at HRC for foreign LGBT advocates; expose the work of prominent anti-gay American organizations that have pushed anti-gay laws and legislation overseas; and leverage its relationships with American policymakers, faith communities, corporations and other change agents to help protect the human rights of LGBT people abroad.

All good stuff, but the article doesn't mention anything about how much they're putting forward, who exactly can apply, or how.

Their website is even quieter on the subject, with nothing at all mentioned under their Coming Out section, although there is a shiny feel-good video of lots of Americans outing themselves on national television. 

Looking forward to bringing you more news on that, if there is any.

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