Friday, 8 November 2013

Schedule Set for SMUG v. Lively

Scott Lively, the American hate preacher who thinks Nazis were an aggressive gay movement, has been stirring up homophobia in Russia and Uganda for a long time.

Sexual Minorities Uganda, backed by the Center for Constitutional Rights, are suing him for Crimes Against Humanity.

After dismissing Lively's request to dismiss the lawsuit earlier this year, parties were back in court on 6th November 2013 to set the timescale for the trial.

Lively did not appear although he did have one supporter attend. In contrast, about 3 dozen supporters were there to support the Plaintiff, SMUG, from Stop The Hate And Homophobia Coalition, LGBT Asylum Support Task Force, Arise for Social Justice, Recovery Learning Center, and other interested individuals...

Lively himself has already issued a “hit-list” on his blog of those he feels are responsible for the case...

Another interesting statement made by Liberty Counsel during the proceedings was that Lively does not want CCR  to have subpoena power to obtain evidence against him, as he wildly claims that such could ‘harm foreign relations.’  An amused and frustrated CCR, responded that it was too soon to know if that course would be needed.

There is a lot that must happen before the actual trial can begin, including probably yet another attempt by Lively for an unlikely dismissal. The final hearing before the trial is currently scheduled for May 6, 2015!

You can find the schedule order at the bottom of that article.

Meanwhile, Lively has resorted to witchcraft to try to 'confuse' the prosecution.

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