Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Transwoman Brutally Beaten

A few weeks back, we reported on the NGO Transgender Equality Uganda being evicted from their offices. In that, we pointed to a post in their blog about a transgender woman who was hospitalised for looking 'abnormal'.

This article first appeared on my blog during a reporting trip to Kampala, Uganda in September 2012. I was there to investigate the impact of federally funded U.S. “faith based” organizations on anti-gay sentiment, stigma and resultant public policy in Uganda. 
During my stay, I was alerted to the brutal beating of a transwoman and invited to speak with her. Subsequently, she invited me to accompany her and a group of her friends and LGBT activists as they sought medical care, police help and eyewitnesses to the beating...

Beyonce was beaten into a coma at a club for not 'dressing like a man,' dragged from the toilet and thrown into the street. A friend of hers said a bouncer yelled at her, telling her, "Go home and put on men’s shoes."

A damning report on the state of Ugandan medical care and policing with regard to LGBT equality. Uganda is gaining a reputation around the world for its culture of hate and intolerance, which is a shame from a country that has so many more appealing cultural attributes to export.

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