Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mental Issue in Uganda

Members of America's largest lunatic asylum
Westboro Baptist Church
A few days ago we had an interesting comment on our post about Canada declaring homophobic hate speeches to be hate crimes (see the link between the two?), which read:

Religious fundamentalism of any sort should be re-classified a mental illness and treated accordingly. You have to have some serious personal issues to wish to maim, kill and destroy the lives of others to make your own life meaningful.

Seems our readers aren't the only ones thinking along these lines:

“Christianity is a mental issue in Uganda”
The average Ugandan Christian is a cesspit writhing with jealousy, pettiness, sexual immorality, thievery, dogmatic heresies, selfishness and extraordinary ignorance. This piece of creation thinks that by attending religious services once a week and engaging in all manner of social filth during the other 6 days, it will earn eternal life.

Strong views indeed. It's long been motioned by liberal thinking Ugandans that you can't call homosexually 'un-African' and 'a western import' whilst simultaneously fighting it beneath the banner of Christ. Immediately makes you look like a prat.

Alongside the shocking revelation what Christianity might not be entirely altruistic, Uganda is also waking up to another uncomfortable fact that most of the Western world cottoned onto a few decades back: the Catholic church has a history of harbouring kiddie fiddlers.

Fr. Anthony Musaala “ostracized”for publicizing priest sexual abuse in Uganda
He is a celebrity across eastern and central Africa, a gospel music star known to many as the “Dancing Priest.” But for years he also was a keeper of painful secrets — his own and many others’.

In going public, Anthony Musaala has forced the Roman Catholic Church in Uganda to confront a problem it had insisted didn’t exist. And he may stir a debate far beyond Africa’s most Catholic of countries.

The Ugandan priest has been suspended indefinitely by the archbishop of Kampala for exposing what he calls an open secret: Sex abuse in the Catholic Church is a problem in Africa as well as in Western Europe and North America.

Sadly, Father Musaala, welcome to the club of disillusionment when faced with this level of sex abuse 'endemic' in Catholic institutions.

Christian fundamentalists have long enjoyed linking homosexuality to child abuse and paedophilia, largely to detract from the fact that it is not the gay community, but the Church, who are committing these crimes on a global scale.

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