Friday, 10 May 2013

Anti-Gay Speeches 'Hate Crime'


In an incredibly brave move, Canada, who has already cut funding to Evangelical groups, has now gone one step further:

It pointed back to the lower court ruling, which asserted, “While the courts cannot be drawn into the business of attempting to authoritatively interpret sacred texts such as the Bible, those texts will typically have characteristics which cannot be ignored if they are to be properly assessed in relation to … the [Hate Crimes] Code.”

The judges did note, however, that “it would only be unusual circumstances and context that could transform a simple reading or publication of a religion’s holy text into what could objectively be viewed as hate speech.”

Commentator Andrew Coyne noted that the wording of Canada’s hate crimes law is problematic because it leaves much discretion in the hands of law enforcement.

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  1. Religious fundamentalism of any sort should be re-classified a mental illness and treated accordingly. You have to have some serious personal issues to wish to maim, kill and destroy the lives of others to make your own life meaningful. Bravo, Canada!


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