Monday, 27 May 2013

Simon Lokodo Case, Part IV

Justice Eldad Mwangushya


The news we've all been waiting for in the Simon Lokodo case.

Judge Mwangushya finally managed to get out of bed for the trial this time, and even went so far as to make a groundbreaking decision...

He's referring the case to another judge.

The judge who was in charge was moved to court of Appeal, so his cases will have to be assigned to different judges of the High Court... The case will only be heard once the transfer to the new judge has been made.

And the saga drags on.

UPDATE: Ah, no, we were wrong. He did stay in bed:

The 27th of May 2013 was the hearing for the case of Kasha Jacqueline and 3 others Vs. Attorney General & Rev. Fr. Simon Lokodo before his Lordship Justice Eldad Mwangusya as earlier communicated and indicated in the High court cause list for this week.

The Presiding judge did not appear in the open court, he also declined to write the judgement in the case. He indicated that he has very little time left until he takes up his new position at the Court of Appeal.

The case file will now be allocated to another Judge. Justice Musota, who has been a resident judge in Mbale will replace the presiding judge and is likely to handle the case. Justice Musota is expected to report to the civil division on 15th July 2013.

Our hopes for hearing the case expeditiously are fading but we shall keep going.

Looks like the Court of Appeal has gained a valuable asset.

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