Wednesday, 3 April 2013

US Delegation Leaves Uganda

Report from the only voice of comparative sanity in Uganda's media, The Observer:

No. Broken hearted, incredulous and disbelieving, possibly, but not empty handed, seeing as they were carrying away the last shreds of human dignity left in Uganda's government.

A US gay rights lobby that sought to pressure politicians here to be more accepting to same-sex relationships left a disappointed lot last week after a string of meetings yielded no guarantees that the Anti-homosexuality bill would be dropped or even amended.

The feedback went something like this:

"We already have enough laws that meet international standards and some of them penalise same-sex marriage and when we go by the Bible which I glorify, sodomy is punishable. So, we don't want to go against African culture and at the same time act contrary to God's commandments because whites want it," Alice Alaso [Serere Woman] told the group.

She added: "You (Westerners) have imposed on us enough of your bad practices, right from guns, and we shall not allow homosexuality in Uganda because the Bible forbids it."

There's obviously no reasoning with that level of intelligence.

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