Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Remembering Noxolo

Remembering Noxolo: we demand justice for slain LGBTI persons
Murdered South African Campaigner,
Noxolo Nogwasa

Earlier this year we paused to remember two years since David Kato's brutal murder. Today marks two years since Noxolo Nogwasa was murdered:

Exactly two years ago, on 24th-04-2011, Noxolo Nogwasa, a South African lesbian and LGBTI activist was brutally raped, stabbed and beaten to death and her body dumped in a drainage ditch as she went home from a party, in the Kwathane townships, in the outskirts of Johannesburg...

Two years later, the murders have since not been arrested and no progress has been made towards a comprehensive investigation into the murder and the perpetrators,; alleged to be eight of them still remain at large.

There is a Twitter hashtag you can join to show your support: #Noxolo

You can also write to, and fax, the South African Police Service, urging them to step up efforts to investigate this crime:

Thibault Main Entrance
Private Bag x 94

Fax : 012 393 2819 / +27 12 393 2819

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