Sunday, 21 April 2013

Eight Year Old Girls Suspended

School Classroom, Uganda 

We're surprised Red Pepper hasn't published a front cover exposé telling the public to 'hang them'.

Gayaza Junior School last week dismissed six Primary Three pupils, all aged eight years for allegedly engaging in sexual acts with fellow students. it [sic] was the third time the school was dismissing students over the same issue.
“We discovered the vice three years ago and four students in Primary Five were dismissed,” Margaret Kibuuka, the headmistress of the all-girls school said.the school in March expelled two other P.2 pupils over the vice.

The expulsion has sent parents up in arms against the school’s administrators, with some threatening legal action. one [sic] parent complained that if the children were involved in any immoral behavour, [sic] they were learning it from their colleagues at the school.

Another parent said the way in which the school summoned them to collect their children after they were expelled, left them traumatised...

Top class journalism there, if not spelling or grammar.

Looks like 'lesbian' is the new 'witch'. Easy for parents to say that children should be expelled until it happens to one of their own. 

[UPDATE: Assuming that these accusations are true, and not just a way of children, or other adults, getting rid of kids they don't like, here's an interesting article: Children are sexual beings like any normal adult]

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  1. That's a really good article, though I question starting it from the point of view that the events actually took place. Children can be vicious, and adults even more so. It could just be a way of getting rid of pupils that other children, parents, or even the head teacher, don't like.

    Still, as the article says, it's a natural part of growing up. Countless 'first encounters' happened at school, both single sex and mixed. You can hardly call an eight year old a 'lesbian' in an all girls' school. It's not like they have many other options ;)

    Labelling anyone at that age anything, from gay to straight to stupid or even talented, is far too early.

    The sad thing is that imposing shame at that age over something so primal can damage self-identity for a lifetime. Reinstating them in that school when their peers have been taught to ridicule and bully them for what's happened is probably not going to help much.

    Also, we need to be a little careful of suggesting that children's sexual urges and explorations are the same as an adult's. Both their physicality and mental understanding on this subject are worlds different. That's why it's important to have the age of consent and to have good sex education. Adults shouldn't be encouraged to think of kids as sexually mature, either.

    There is an interesting schism here. Red Pepper seemed to take quite a light approach to reporting this one. I wonder whether they would have been so lenient had the pupils been young boys? There is often a sense that girls, and even adult lesbians, are less harmful or sinful than gay men. Possibly because straight men often feel aroused by the topic, whereas they don't tend to tune in to watch gay male porn.

    That's not to downplay the fact that lesbian women also suffer abuse and attacks. Just an interesting social observation.

    Also, I'd question the need for the word 'normal'. Are asexual adults abnormal?


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