Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Evangelism Rears its Ugly Head

Hate Preachers:
Pastor Solomon Male & Reverend Thomas Musoke

In the aftermath of the Easter hate speech and terror campaign against David Kato's mother, the above pictures of the event have been released by Advocate.com:

On Easter Sunday, antigay activists and religious leaders in Uganda held a rally to launch the "Say No to Homosexuality" campaign, led by Pastor Solomon Male and the Reverend Thomas Musoke. The rally was held in Namataba Village, just outside the gravesite of slain gay activist David Kato. Kato's mother was reportedly inside the home and saw the entire rally...

The organizers also praised Uganda's Red Pepper tabloid for its ongoing coverage dedicated to outing LGBTI people in Uganda, often along with personal information, including home addresses and phone numbers. Shortly before activist Kato was found murdered, another tabloid called Rolling Stone (no relation to the U.S. magazine of the same name) published Kato's picture on its front page announcing "Uganda's Top 100 Homos," under a banner reading "Hang Them."

We have long highlighted the role of American Evangelism in fanning the flames of LGBT hate attacks. Though Canada, the UK and Catholicism have had their crosses to bear, too. It's not all one big happy Family.

Well, not much changes...

Uganda clerics hold gay hate Easter march:  Ugandan religious figures, backed by US evangelical groups, held gay hate march next to the home of grieving elderly mother of slain gay rights activist


Some of the crowds still questioned Male, saying: ‘You say homosexuals are given money to recruit people, but are you also given money to come here?’

Speaking with Gay Star News, Richard Lusimbo, SMUG’s research manager said: ‘I believe that Male is being pushed and funded by US evangelical groups to preach anti-gay hate – he made allegations to incite fear and hatred, saying that homosexuals are recruiting children, scaring local parents...

Lusimbo criticized the clerics: ‘It is imported homophobia from US evangelicals which is unAfrican, not homosexuality.

Brace yourselves for further bigotry.

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