Saturday, 2 March 2013

News Update

Still waiting on the bill discussion...

Meanwhile, quick info update on some stories we've previously covered.

Hot on the heels of David Cecil's deportation, yet another British actor finds himself in jail. This time it's Keith Prosser: British actor thrown into Ugandan jail after appearing in play about homophobia. That's the same play, The River and the Mountain, that David Cecil produced and directed.

Perhaps if we fill up the Ugandan jails with British actors it will stop them being filled with LGBT Ugandans, whilst simultaneously solving the UK's unemployment issue? A staged peaceful protest?

Keith Prosser

The Ugandan gay couple honoured in Sweden last month have won the right to remain together. There were fears that, despite being married, Lawrence Kaala might be deported. Thankfully this is not about to happen as he received his residency permit on 28th February. Congratulations!

Lawrence Kaala and Jimmy Sswerwadda, a Ugandan gay couple, have won the right to stay in Sweden.  

And, finally, the perennial and tiresome issue of Scott Lively: Boston Globe  highlights lies from the man charged with Crimes against Humanity. Apparently he's a liar, liar, pants on fire, and has been telling fibs to the court
In court it’s a chorus of the ‘has never even met’ refrain but in the press ‘his reach during his trip was extraordinary. The evening of his arrival, he says, he met with more than 50 members of Parliament. He also claims to have spoken privately for 30 minutes with the country’s minister of ethics and integrity.’

Which is it Scott?  This isn’t rhetorical.  Is this leading to a trial filled with perjury?... Why is it that he’s free to boast about his truths to the newspaper, while feigning innocence in court?
Well, quite. If we were at all surprised by it, we'd bump it up the news update.

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