Saturday, 21 September 2013

Sweden Welcomes Mwesigye,.jpg
Reverend Canon Aaron Mwesigye

The town of Nyköping in Sweden this week welcomed the slightly creepy-looking Reverend Mwesigye to town, embracing him as a business partner:

Anti-homo-pastor visiting Nykoping (English translation)

Reverend Canon Aaron Mwesigye is one of Uganda's presidential advisors, but also a spokesperson for the Church of Uganda and one of those who wants to put homosexuals in jail. Today he visits Nyköping.

Mwesigye is looking at the company Wedholms, which is one of the final candidates in a huge order of milk coolers to Uganda. He is welcomed by the Governor Liselott Hagberg, who has no plans to bring the situation of homosexuals into the speech.

Interesting he went for the same spectacles as this guy.

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