Sunday, 8 September 2013

Document Highlights Homophobia 

We read this article with interest:

Earlier this year a British journalist—let’s call him Ian Smith because, as you’ll see, disclosing his identity might preclude him from ever visiting Uganda again—went to the Chamber of Parliament in Kampala and took photos of some of the building’s more interesting features. The place was a ghost town at the time thanks to a special event where members of parliament were then gathered.

“That made it easy for me to steal the document,” recalls Smith.

The document he stole is titled: “Protect our young people from homosexuality: Debate and pass the anti-homosexuality bill now!”

The document they are referring to was the Coalition for Advancement of Moral Values (CAMOVA) MP Brief, which has since been circulated widely online and can be viewed here.

Interesting to know where its origins lie.

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