Friday, 6 September 2013

Commonwealth Champions Killing Gays

Rebecca Kadaga

In an absolutely stunning display of hypocrisy, the Commonwealth, whilst paying lip service to LGBTI equality, meanwhile champions one of Ughanda's most vehement Kill the Gays supporters.

We reported a while back that the Commonwealth's message was mixed:

One moment: House of Lords calls for decriminalization of homosexuality in Commonwealth because of higher HIV rates, the next they face criticism because the Queen's landmark Commonwealth Day speech fails to mention the words "gay" or "lesbian".

There seems to be no doubt left on their stance.

The Commonwealth couldn't care less about LGBTI rights in Uganda.

Rebecca Kadaga, Uganda's Speaker of Parliament, vowed to pass the Kill the Gays Bill as a Christmas present to the Ugandan people. She has preached homophobia, her mouth frothing, eyes bulging, every step of the way.

What have the Commonwealth done?

We would suggest you write to complain, but, honestly, we doubt anyone is listening. Having researched her background, the Commonwealth Committee obviously felt she was a shining example of womanhood and a suitable speaker for their views.

There really is nothing left to say.

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