Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Kadaga up for Pink Brick

Rebecca Kadaga

Leading LGBT hater Rebecca Kadaga is up for San Francisco Pride's prestigious Pink Brick award.

San Francisco Pride has announced the nominees for the person who caused the most harm to LGBT people during the 2012 year.  Included in this year’s nominations for The Pink Brick is Ugandan speaker Rebecca Kadaga, who if you vote will earn the infamous badge of disrespect because she promised to deliver Uganda The Kill the Gays Bill (more formally titled The Anti-Homosexuality Bill) as a Xmas gift in December 2012...

The Pink Brick faux award harkens to “the first brick thrown at the Stonewall Riots, and is given to someone who has caused significant harm to the LGBT community,” SF Pride notes.

Let's just hope she doesn't turn up in person to collect it. The Pope met her, then promptly resigned. Coincidence? We think not.

[UPDATE: After an appeal by SMUG, the organisers of the Pink Brick award have agreed to withdraw Kadaga's nomination, so as not to enrage the... erm... trying to think of something to call her that won't enrage her...]

Uganda to officially pass ‘Kill The Gays’ bill (via Gay Star News)
“Uganda will officially pass the ‘Kill The Gays’ bill at the end of this year despite international criticism.
Speaker Rebecca Kadaga said the anti-gay bill will become law by December since most Ugandans ‘are demanding it’.
Referring to the law as a ‘Christmas gift’ to the population,  she spoke of ‘the serious threat’ posed by homosexuals.

The law will broaden the criminalization of same-sex relationships by dividing homosexuality into two categories; aggravated homosexuality and the offense of homosexuality.
‘Aggravated homosexuality’ is defined as gay acts committed by parents or authority figures, HIV-positive people, pedophiles and repeat offenders. If convicted, they will face the death penalty.
The ‘offense of homosexuality’ includes same-sex sexual acts or being in a gay relationship, and will be prosecuted by life imprisonment.
Uganda lawmaker Atim Ogwal Cecilia Barbara has even suggested there should be a continent-wide ban on homosexuality, saying all African gay people should be jailed for life.

Gay rights activist David Kato was murdered in Uganda in January 2011 shortly after a local newspaper published images of him and other gay people under a headline urging readers to ‘hang them.’
Despite this, Uganda’s LGBT community held a weekend of gay pride events this summer”

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