Sunday, 31 March 2013

Kato's Mother Harassed

Rev. Senyonjo saves Kato mourners from vicious
homophobic attack by leading funeral service.

Anyone who has seen the documentary Call me Kuchu will know how David Kato's mother suffered when her son's funeral was hijacked by Thomas Musoke, a vicious Christian pastor, preaching homophobic hate and telling everyone her son was going to hell.

Five days ago, there was an appeal in an LGBT forum (edited):

Guys in Uganda please call Kasha urgently! Here is message from her: Guyz urgently call me, I'm in a place with no credit. There's a planned demonstration at David's mom's place denouncing homosexuality. Old woman in a panicked state. tnx

Things went quiet for a few days. 

Just now, reports are coming in:

At David Kato's burial home, Rev. Thomas Musoke, Pastor Male, an Imam and other priests gathered for rally "Say No to Homosexuality". Crowd not so big but growing... Police did not intervene at all, there's one officer attending the meeting.

Key gay rights activists, including Pepe Julian Onziema, are there now. We will report as and when we know more. There is fear for their safety, and for the well being of David's mother.

Update: Ugandan anti-gay pastors hold hate rally next to gay hero David Kato’s grave

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