Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sweden Honours Ugandan LGBT Movement

The honorary award of the Swedish Gay Gala this year went to the Ugandan LGBT movement.

Lawrence Kaala and Jimmy Sserwadda, a Ugandan couple married in Sweden, received a standing ovation when they went up to receive the award.

The awards were in Swedish but, if you go to 5:00 in the video below, you can listen to their speech in English. 

  There is also a follow-up speech by Kasha:

At present, Lawrence Kaala is in danger of deportation under Sweden's asylum laws:

Two Ugandan men living in Sweden, who claim they are the first gay couple from their country to get married, may be separated once again after a lucky reunion following a decision by the Swedish Migration Board.

You can write to the Prime Minister of Sweden, Mr. Fredrik Reinfeldt, to appeal against this decision at:

[Update: Lawrence Kaala gained his Swedish citizenship papers on 28th February.]

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