Thursday, 7 February 2013

David Cecil Held for Deportation

Picture from this article.

David Cecil is a British theatre producer who was detained in Uganda for producing a play with gay characters. The arrest was issued after he refused to let members of the Media Council review the play.

We reported back in early January that he had been released from prison, with the charges against him dropped.

However, despite having these charges dropped, he has now been detained for deportation. According to GayStarNews:

Ugandan authorities have detained and plan to deport British gay play producer David Cecil back to the UK.

Taken away from his Ugandan wife and young child, Cecil is hoping to appeal against the court's decision,  according to a local news source.

It is unknown whether he will have to appeal from the UK or from Uganda.

So much for promoting family values, eh? Separating a father from his partner and children.

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