Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Parliament Returns

We've been a little quiet recently whilst Parliament has been in recess. 

A few things have happened in the interim. Scott Lively, the American hate preacher, caused a stir and is now accusing the Oxford Union of not playing fair. Diddums.

We remembered David Kato, Ugandan human rights campaigner, on the second anniversary of his murder.

And the Deputy Secretary to the Treasury asserted that killing gay people is not good for the economy.

Parliament returns from its Christmas break today to handle a clogged legislative program, thus drawing curtains on a recess that has been marked by political battle of wills between the executive and legislature over a botched attempt by some legislators to recall the House...

Among the pending pieces of legislation include the Public Order Management Bill, the Marriage and Divorce Bill, the Anti-Pornography Bill, the Anti-Money laundering Bill and the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009.

It's way down the list. #8 under Business to Follow, so it's unlikely to get discussed any time soon, but we'll keep you updated.

[UPDATE 7th Feb: Now raised to #6 in the order of business.]

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