Sunday, 6 April 2014

Police Raid US HIV Project

And so it begins. 

Ugandan police have raided a US-funded project which "conducts important research into Ebola, Marburg disease and HIV."

Police in Uganda have raided the offices of a US-funded project which provides health advice to homosexuals... 
The Makerere University Walter Reed Project in the capital Kampala announced it had suspended its operations after one of its Ugandan staff was briefly held by police. 
In a statement it said: "We are working with police to understand the circumstances under which this person was detained. 
"Until we have greater clarity as to the legal basis for the police action, the operations of the programme are temporarily suspended to ensure the safety of staff and the integrity of the programme." 
Police said they had been following the suspect after receiving reports he was involved in "gay-related activities".

More in the Huffington Post and GlobalPost.

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