Friday, 30 August 2013

Update on Jennifer Ikanza

[UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2013: It has been reported by an LGBT rights organisation working with Ms. Ikanza that this was a domestic incident and not directly related to her work as a campaigner.]

A few days ago we reported on Jennifer Ikanza, the 25-year-old Ugandan lesbian woman beaten and left for dead in the street.

Reports are emerging that she may have been tricked by her attackers who faked a phone call to draw her into the open:

Jennifer Ikanza, 25, had received a phone call from a woman in trouble from a neighboring village near Jinja.

The woman said she feared her husband would discover she was bisexual and would be killed if he found out.

After she said she desperately needed someone to talk to, Ikanza rushed to her aid.

On the way there, Ikanza was attacked by a mob.

Another source states Ikanza's condition as critical:

Our contact in Uganda reports that a woman set her up by claiming to be a lesbian & wanting to meet her. Jennifer was then brutally attacked by a mob. She is suffering multiple organ failure due to internal bleeding. Her health is in grave danger. She is at the hospital where she is slowing dying. The doctors & nurses are not giving her any proper medical attention because they know she can’t afford to pay for the treatment. 

We will look into this and keep you updated.

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