Friday, 28 June 2013

Senyonjo Condemns Punishment

Clinton Global Citizen award winners Pepe Julius Onziema, left, and Bishop Christopher Senyonjo at Clinton Global Initiative 2012 in New York. at
Bishop Senyonjo (right) picking up the Clinton Global Citizen
award in New York
with Pepe Julius Onziema, 2012

One of the key non-gay Ugandan campaigners for LGBTI rights, Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, has spoken out, telling govrnments to: Stop Punishing People for Their Sexual Orientation

Bishop Christopher Senyonjo said the number of LGBT people with HIV/AIDS in the east African country is on the increase and prejudice and ignorance mean they are often marginalised and forced into hiding...

Senyonjo called the bill, which is awaiting debate in parliament, "draconian"...

Senyonjo takes the approach of a "straight-gay people alliance" in which straight and gay people work together to eliminate prejudice and discrimination.

"I think educated people are coming to understand more that LGBT people are also humans who should be respected," although there remains a good deal of fear among large segments of the population who are less well educated, he said.

For more on Senyonjo, pick up a copy of Call Me Kuchu.

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